Good Cook

Teammates: Christie Chong, Carolyn Zhou
Sophomore Communication Design Studio
Spring 2016


"Many people continually make formal or informal resolutions to improve aspects of their lives. Although the goals may be set by an individual relative to his or her specific situation, many of the intentions actually apply to a larger body of people."  —Stacie Rohrbach (Project Prompt)

Taking this into account, our goal for this project was to inform our audience about their resolutions, engage with them, and inspire them to actually take action to achieve their goals. Our task was to design a three piece communication system with digital, print, and spacial components. I worked with Christie Chong and Carolyn Zhou to design a program that encourages healthy cooking and eating through social interaction.

We created Goodcook, a program in which friends would take turns cooking for one another. When we do things with others in mind, we are motivated to do well. Since our behaviors are heavily influenced by those around us, we are more willing to participate in activities when others do them with us. By being a part of a community that cooks food for one another, the motivation to cook higher quality healthier food increases. Here is the system we created to get people involved in this program:

Piece 1 - SPACIAL COMPONENT: Pop Up Shop

Paper Bags




To start, my team and I interviewed our peers to find out how they were motivated to cook and eat healthy. From here we tried to figure out our audience, what we were trying to communicate, and the medium of our final piece. 


From our fact gathering and brainstorming, we decided to focus on college students. Our goal was to help them overcome their fear of cooking (and overcome laziness) by showing that it is simple and beneficial to their health. We wanted to focus on having encouraging messaging and an emphasis on community. Once we solidified a concept, we started to work on forming a visual language. 


We played with paint chips and used inspiration from Pinterest to land on out first color scheme. Then we tried to find an illustration style. The three of us each attempted to develop one on our own, and then we brought it back to the group. 


My explorations:


Carolyn's explorations:


Christie's initial web screens:


Then, using feedback from our professors and peers, we made new iterations and started moving towards our final designs. This time, Christie did the illustrations, and I did the lettering. Carolyn took these components and created the design for our bag, which I made a scale model of. I created another round of ideas for our website, and Christie started envisioning what our pop-up shop would look like.

Our final style guide:

Feel free to look at my more detailed process here