Up and Leave


This project was designed for a person who is deaf and cannot hear music. Almost everyone I know shares a love for music, and those who cannot hear should be able to enjoy it as well. Therefore, I created a visualization of a song using the chorus of "Up & Leave" by We Are the Birdcage. I modeled this piece after a page of sheet music, with the different patterns representing different instruments. I wrote down the notes for the melody on staff paper and modeled the waves after the way the voices rise and fall throughout the chorus. I did the same with the other instruments. The guitar is the orange waves, the bass is the blue columns, the keyboard is the lighter blue, and the drums are the gold circles. I intended for these patterns and colors to represent their corresponding rhythm and sound. Sheet music is an existing way to visualize sound, but not everyone can understand what the notes mean. Shapes and colors are universally understood and, like music, can be interpreted in one's own way. Songs convey emotions, bring back memories and allow us to connect with each other. I think everyone should experience this, if not with their ears, then with their eyes.