Natalie Harmon


The Moon Arts Project


Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotic Institute is sending a rover to the Moon in competition for the Google Lunar X Prize. On it is reserved space for a meaningful artifact created by a team of artists. "During this mission, the lander, which will remain on the moon indefinitely, will house a non-encyclopedic view of humanity and life on earth – the MoonArk – intended to be a Cultural Heritage Site."

In the spring of 2015, I was one of eight students who contributed drawings alongside our professors Mark Baskinger and Matt Zywica for this Moon Arts Project. We drew animals for an illustration of biodiversity, engraved with platinum on a sapphire disk, which will be in the Earth Chamber of the MoonArk. My contribution was ink and marker drawings of sea animals from the Southern Ocean. 

Please visit the Moon Arts website or read NPR's article about the project for more information.

Natalie Harmon